Source code for tensorlayer.files.dataset_loaders.wmt_en_fr_dataset

#! /usr/bin/python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import gzip
import os
import tarfile

from tensorflow.python.platform import gfile

from tensorlayer import logging
from tensorlayer.files.utils import maybe_download_and_extract

__all__ = ['load_wmt_en_fr_dataset']

[docs]def load_wmt_en_fr_dataset(path='data'): """Load WMT'15 English-to-French translation dataset. It will download the data from the WMT'15 Website (10^9-French-English corpus), and the 2013 news test from the same site as development set. Returns the directories of training data and test data. Parameters ---------- path : str The path that the data is downloaded to, defaults is ``data/wmt_en_fr/``. References ---------- - Code modified from /tensorflow/models/rnn/translation/ Notes ----- Usually, it will take a long time to download this dataset. """ path = os.path.join(path, 'wmt_en_fr') # URLs for WMT data. _WMT_ENFR_TRAIN_URL = "" _WMT_ENFR_DEV_URL = "" def gunzip_file(gz_path, new_path): """Unzips from gz_path into new_path.""""Unpacking %s to %s" % (gz_path, new_path)) with, "rb") as gz_file: with open(new_path, "wb") as new_file: for line in gz_file: new_file.write(line) def get_wmt_enfr_train_set(path): """Download the WMT en-fr training corpus to directory unless it's there.""" filename = "training-giga-fren.tar" maybe_download_and_extract(filename, path, _WMT_ENFR_TRAIN_URL, extract=True) train_path = os.path.join(path, "giga-fren.release2.fixed") gunzip_file(train_path + ".fr.gz", train_path + ".fr") gunzip_file(train_path + ".en.gz", train_path + ".en") return train_path def get_wmt_enfr_dev_set(path): """Download the WMT en-fr training corpus to directory unless it's there.""" filename = "dev-v2.tgz" dev_file = maybe_download_and_extract(filename, path, _WMT_ENFR_DEV_URL, extract=False) dev_name = "newstest2013" dev_path = os.path.join(path, "newstest2013") if not (gfile.Exists(dev_path + ".fr") and gfile.Exists(dev_path + ".en")):"Extracting tgz file %s" % dev_file) with, "r:gz") as dev_tar: fr_dev_file = dev_tar.getmember("dev/" + dev_name + ".fr") en_dev_file = dev_tar.getmember("dev/" + dev_name + ".en") = dev_name + ".fr" # Extract without "dev/" prefix. = dev_name + ".en" dev_tar.extract(fr_dev_file, path) dev_tar.extract(en_dev_file, path) return dev_path"Load or Download WMT English-to-French translation > {}".format(path)) train_path = get_wmt_enfr_train_set(path) dev_path = get_wmt_enfr_dev_set(path) return train_path, dev_path